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Lift your day

Perk yourself up and get motivated with our experts’ tips in association with Starbucks® Chilled Classics

We all want to live life to the fullest and get the most out of the time we spend at work, with family, working out and seeing friends. Making every minute count takes a lot of energy and organisation, and we’re here to help. In no time at all you’ll be feeling even more empowered and ready to take on the world.

Together, our experts will help you put everything in perspective and uplift your day.

Jo, Emily & Shara

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Meet our lifestyle experts

Over the next few weeks, in partnership with Starbucks Chilled Classics, a trio of lifestyle experts will be offering their tips on making yourself more productive, whether it’s on your daily commute, in the office or during your leisure time.

Emily Seares


Editor of and co-founder of digital agency We-Elevate, Emily will be advising you on how to put together stylish outfits with minimal effort.

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Shara Tochia


The 1 Rebel fitness trainer and DOSE ( ) co-founder will show you how to give yourself an immediate physical lift.

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Jo Usmar


Wellbeing author and founder of Instagram project Bite Sized Psych, Jo will advise you how stay on top of things and establish a divide between work and play.

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The five fahion must-haves every woman should own

By nature, your downtime should mean time off from the daily grind. Clocking off and slipping into beautiful leisurewear can boost self esteem, making you feel confident and comfortable.

Emily Seares, editor at FashionBite and co-founder of digital agency, shares her five must-have items to elevate your downtime, whether it’s Sunday lunch, evening drinks or a chilled coffee out with friends.

Ballet flats 

“The most versatile footwear in your wardrobe, dress up or down depending on your look. To add a rock chic edge opt for a studded black pair, or lift your jeans and white T-shirt with a pop of bright red. Ballet flats work for those casual weekend outfits, for shopping or grabbing a coffee on the go, but equally look good paired with a cocktail dress for a night out. Opt for a pump in this season’s cool metallics, such as gold or silver, to complement your accessories.”

Statement necklace

“There’s nothing quite like eye-catching jewellery to boost your outfit and a long-chain statement necklace looks great with a casual T-shirt or dressier, lower cut neckline for the evening. Drawing the eye inwards and downwards, it flatters all figures and will be sure to liven up the most minimal of looks. For summer, opt for rose gold or bronze tones which are flattering to sun-kissed skin.”


Breton t-shirt 

“The Breton T-shirt is your classic, signature wardrobe staple and it will never go out of fashion. Coco Chanel, inspired by French sailors, introduced the Breton top to the fashion world through her Twenties nautical-themed resort collection. A long sleeved Breton T-shirt in traditional navy and white will lift any outfit, peeping out from under dungarees, teamed with a leather pencil skirt or a pair of colourful Capri pants, bringing a touch of cool French Riviera style.”


"There’s nothing quite like eye-catching jewellery to boost your outfit”

Bright tote

“The carry-all bag for your essentials – from keys and purse to lunch and a drink – a tote will instantly lift your outfit, particularly if you opt for a strong print or hue. Robust enough to take everyday wear and tear but smart enough for a special occasion, investing in a statement bag is one of the smartest fashion moves a woman can make. If you carry your life on your shoulder, opt for multiple internal pockets and you won’t be caught out rummaging for your smartphone. Choose a structured leather tote for a smarter daytime look or softer leather for a more casual silhouette.”

Animal print 

“Most often seen draped around the supermodel necklines of the likes of Gisele and Kate Moss, nothing says ‘off-duty power woman’ like the leopard print scarf. Whether you’re throwing it over your favourite leather biker jacket or pairing it with a little black dress, the animal print scarf is a style statement all of its own.”


Five ways to motivate yourself in the morning

As part of our Lift Your Day campaign in association with Starbucks® Chilled Classics, fitness expert Shara Tochia tells us how to be more of a morning person.

We’d all love to be that person who’s already crossed physical exercise off their To Do list before they’ve even made it to their desk to write their To Do list, but when the alarm goes off, it’s all too tempting to choose more sleep.

If you can find a way to motivate yourself to get active in the mornings, you’ve already set yourself up for a better day. “It gets easier,” promises Shara Tochia, fitness trainer at 1 Rebel and co-founder of the health- meets-hedonism-concept, DOSE ( “Once you get used to a more energetic morning, it will come naturally.” Here’s Shara’s tips to get you started.

Be prepared

“Running around like a headless chicken doesn’t count. The first rule to sticking to your movement goals – whether they involve an early exercise class or walking to the station instead of jumping on a bus – is to spend a few more minutes the night before getting everything ready. Pack your gym bag and lay your kit out, or pack your heels and place your comfy shoes by the door. The tougher you make it for yourself in the morning by not being prepared, the more likely you are to take the quickest (and laziest) option.”

Keep it simple

“Don’t be over-ambitious. If you do manage to get out of bed to travel to a gym miles out of your way to do an hour’s class, then good for you, but if you’re struggling to motivate yourself in the mornings, make more realistic goals. Fifteen minutes of yoga stretches will give you a lift, a jog around the block will get your blood pumping or simply getting off the Tube a stop early will help you add a few hundred more steps to each day.”

Keep count

“You’re more likely to go out of your way to rack up those steps up if you’re tracking your progress on a wearable pedometer, such as a FitBit. It will give you an instant feeling of satisfaction and will have you taking the longer route to the office or walking up escalators you previously might have stood on. Compete with yourself or a friend.”

“Once you get used to a more energetic morning, it will come naturally.”

Involve a mate

“If you can, making a plan with a friend in the morning will make you more likely to meet your goals because we can justify letting ourselves down more easily than letting someone else down. Book a class together in advance or if you live and work on similar routes, why not jog in together? It’s a great chance to catch up.”

Make a playlist

“If you are going solo, it’s important to find a way to enjoy it, and for me, music plays a big part in this. Find a class that plays tunes you find uplifting and motivating, or create a playlist to accompany your own plans that makes you want to move your body. Everyone is different, but if you need inspiration, here are my top five tracks to work out to:

  1. Eve – Tambourine;
  2. Major Lazer – Light It Up;
  3. DJ Fresh – How Love Begins;
  4. DMX – Party Up;
  5. Missy Elliott – Get Your Freak On.

Five ways to work better every day

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to blitz through your work, nail your to-do list and still have time for a coffee and a chat every day? Well, this needn’t be a far-fetched fantasy. There are super simple things you can do to make better use of your time and to feel more in control of your to-do list.

There really are enough hours in the day. Jo Usmar, co-author of the bestselling This Book Will Make You… series and founder of the self-help Instagram video project Bite Sized Psych shares her tips to becoming a more productive you.

Break routine

“Making simple changes to your day will kick your brain into gear, making you more interested in what’s going on in both the world around you and in your own head. Routines switch us to autopilot (ever arrived somewhere with no recollection of the journey?) and quash creativity. So take a different route to work, go somewhere new for lunch or enjoy a chilled coffee outside mid-afternoon.”

Download a productivity app

“Ever been Googling something for work and then realised 20 minutes later you’re halfway through an article on the lifespan of a giant tortoise? If so, you need a productivity app. Designed to curtail procrastination, these apps allow you to choose which sites to list as ‘distracting’ and will either block you from visiting them or monitor how long you’re on them. It’s a real wake up call to realise that that ‘five-minute break’ was in fact nearer 40.”

Work fewer hours 

“A 2014 study by John Pencavel of Stanford University proved that shorter working hours result in better concentration, better mental and physical health, better morale and therefore better productivity. When people work longer than 50 hours a week their output drops; for example, someone working 70 hours a week will produce roughly the same amount of work as someone working 56 hours, meaning that extra 14 hours sitting alone in the office tapping on your keyboard was a total waste of time. Leave the office!”

“Making simple changes to your day will kick your brain into gear"

Self impose deadlines 

“Break a big task down into smaller steps and give each step its own deadline – and then write that deadline into your diary or calendar so it’s ‘official’. We’ll often leave things to the last minute when we know we have a bit of time. Giving yourself deadlines will force you to start before it’s too late so you’re not trying to finish while staring longingly at the clock.”

Consider using a stand-up desk

“Studies have found that stand-up desks increase productivity. When you’re standing up the work feels more urgent, so you focus more. Standing up also increases blood flow and improves posture so it’s good for both body and mind.”



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