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Lindsey Lang

Homeware Designer

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Lindsey Lang launched her own design company, The Lindsey Lang Signature Collection, in 2012 to sell her range of vibrant homeware.

Honoured for her work when named Young Designer of the Year at the Homes & Gardens Designer Awards in 2014, over four years Lindsey’s range has grown to include everything from towels to rugs to tiles, all emblazoned with her chic, colourful patterns.

Using Instagram to promote her work has made her realise how a great photo can encourage new customers, so she’s excited to discover how the Nikon D5300 can transform her images.

How did you start your company?

I’m American and I came here to study textiles at Central Saint Martins. When I graduated, I landed a job in graphic design and illustration. Over five or six years, I worked my way up to the top and when I got there I thought, ‘I don’t really think I want to do this any more’. So I started my own thing in 2012.

I primarily focus on designing homeware products. There’s bedding, bathware, textiles, wall and floor tiles. I like to experiment with materials.

As a designer, how important is it for you to have good images on social media?

Well, the consumer has to relate to what they’re seeing. Images have to be really striking, so it’s a huge, huge part of it. They have to look as crisp and beautiful as if someone were holding the product. I know the difference between a brilliant photo and a shot that’s just taken with your phone because I would normally work with professional photographers for product shots.

What are you trying to convey to people with your photos?

That’s hard. I consider myself an artist, so I’m putting out my point of view and hoping people respond to it. Hopefully it’s inspiring for people.

What tend to be your most popular images?

Anything with colour always does well. I have a lot of architectural and interior design clients who I think prefer more neutral images, so things they might actually use in a project. Bright, bold colours will always get a reaction though.

How would you rate your photography skills?

My mum’s a photographer, so I grew up in the darkroom, although my background was more in black and white photography and the old school methods. There was a time when I rejected a career in photography because I didn’t want to do the same thing as my mum. So I was surprised to be throwing myself back into it when I tried the Nikon.

How did you find picking it up again?

I thought the digital SLR would be too complicated, with too many buttons, but it wasn’t at all – it’s actually much easier than trying to get the same effect on a phone. I still retain some knowledge from my black and white days – shutter speed and ISO and such – so I can just play around. It’s about 14 years since I last used it but I got back up to speed pretty fast!

What has improved about your images?

There’s a crispness. There’s a subtlety in light change and colours. That thing you’re trying to recreate when you use a filter on your phone, you get a much better version of that. The Wi-Fi capability on the camera means you can put the app on your phone and just send the pictures directly to it, so it’s just as quick as using the phone itself. It’s so easy. I’m kind of addicted.

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